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Dharahara  धरहरा  is a 72-metre-tall (236 ft.) tower at the center of Sundhara, KathmanduNepal. It was first built in 1832 by  Bhimsen Thapa under the commission of Queen Lalit Tripurasundari. and was a part of the architecture of Kathmandu recognized by UNESCO. It has been damaged and reconstructed several times.

The tower had a spiral staircase containing 213 steps. The eighth floor held a circular balcony for observers that provided a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley. It also had a 5.2-metre (17 ft) bronze mast on the roof.

Dharahara in Kathmandu was the tallest building in Nepal and the second such tower built by Bhimsen Thapa. The first tower was built eight years earlier in 1824 (1881 BS) at his residence, Janarala Bagh, situated at south-east of Sundhara, near Bhotebahal of Kathmandu. It got torn in half during the earthquake of 1834 and was never rebuilt.

It was only a year later (in 1835) that Bhimsen Thapa built the second Dharahara, along with the Sundhara (the golden water spout), for Queen Lalit TripuraSundari Devi, who was the niece of Bhimsen Thapa.

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Dharahara clipart free download

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